Targeted resources to guide you

Additional support

Several community resources offer support in cases of sexual assault, criminal acts, or harassment. Here are some of these resources.

Centre d’Aide aux Victimes d’Acte Criminel (CAVAC)

CAVAC provides assistance in overcoming the psychological, social, and emotional consequences of a criminal act. An intervenor can accompany you when reporting to the police station.

Action Travail des Femmes

This organization advocates for women’s employment rights, especially in the area of discrimination.

Groupe d’Aide et d’Information sur le Harcèlement Sexuel au Travail (GAISHT)

This organization helps victims of harassment by providing information and support via phone.

The Artists' Foundation

This organization provides support to artists and cultural workers in need. The Artists’ Foundation offers a psychological support fund, a legal support fund, and an emergency financial support fund for performing arts and cultural workers.

Psychosocial support

In cases of psychosocial needs, several community organizations offer help, interventions, and psychosocial follow-up.

Centre d’Aide aux Victimes d’Acte Criminel (CAVAC)

This center provides assistance to victims of criminal acts, such as sexual assault or criminal harassment. It is not necessary to have reported the crime to access the services, which are confidential.

Montreal Sexual Assault Center (MSAC)

This center offers assistance to victims aged 18 and over who have experienced sexual assault within the past 12 months. The center provides medical support, therapeutic follow-up, and listening services. A toll-free victim helpline is available 24/7.

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